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Chogonka part 6

101 情を含み、涕をして、君王に謝す。
She was full of emotion, and she fixed her gaze (on the priest), relaying a message to the King.

102 一別音容両(ながら)、渺茫。
"Since we have parted, your voice and features are far-away and indistinct.

- SKT makes the next lines a quotation of Yang Guifei, while wikisource uses a third-person description.

103 昭陽殿の裏、恩愛絕。
Within the hall of the bright sun, our love has ceased.

- The "Hall of the Bright Sun" is a specific place built during Wu of Han's reign, although later it was part of the palace.

104 蓬萊宮の中日月長し。
The days and months are long in Penglai Palace.

- Mount Penglai is one of the dwelling places of Daoist immortals.

105 頭を回して、下人寰の処を望めば
If I turn my gaze to look at the world of humans,

106 長安を見ずして、塵霧を見る。
I cannot see Chang'an, but only dust and mist.

107 唯旧物を將(も)て、深情を表す。
I can only express my deep affection using old mementos.

108 鈿合金釵、寄(よ)せ將(も)て去(ゆか)しむ。
I will send you away with a gold hairpin and jewel-inlaid box.

109 釵は一股を留め、合は一扇,
I will keep one part of the hairpin, and the clasp of the box.

110 釵は黄金を擘さき、合は鈿を分つ。
 The gold of the hairpin is broken, and the box is divided.

111 但、金鈿の堅きに似たら、心を令む
If we keep our hearts as firm as the gold of the hairpin,

- 但 here means "If..."

112 天上、人間会相見。
We will meet again either in the heavens or on Earth."

113 別に臨て、殷勤に重て詞を寄す。
The priest began to leave, but she urgently asked him to convey a message.

114 詞の中に誓ひ有り、両(ふた)りの心にのみ知れり。
The message contained a pledge that only the two of them knew in the depths of their heart.

115 七月七日長生殿,
On the seventh day of the seventh month, in the Changsheng hall,

- The "Changsheng hall" is a hall in the Huaqing Palace, where Guifei bathed.

116 夜半人無して、私語(ささめごと)時。
In the middle of the night when no one was around, they whispered the pledge to each other.

117 天に在らば、願くは比翼の鳥と作らん,
"If we are in the heavens we will be like birds flying with wingtips together

- Although the SKT translation has the above, their notes seem to indicate that this 比翼鳥 is a specific legendary bird that shared a wing.  In this case the 比 does not mean "like..."

118 地に在らば、願くは連理の枝と為んと。
If we are on earth we will be intertwined branches of a tree.

- Or perhaps "of two trees"; trees that have different trunks but their branches intertwine.

119 天長地久時有て尽るとも,
The eternal heavens will come to an end some day,

120 此の恨綿々として絶る期無らん。
But this sorrow will go on forever.

So that's the Chogonka, finally.  I'll do the Chogonka-den passages tomorrow, hopefully as one long post.

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